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George Groves vs Chris Eubank JR fight review

I should start by saying that I had no preference on who I wanted to win this fight. I acknowledge that both boxers are good boxers but had lost a little respect for both boxers on actions they had done previously outside the ring.

George Groves – The way he conducted himself in interviews leading up to the first fight with Carl Froch  I felt was disrespectful.

Chris Eubank Jr – I would say it is more what his dad was saying winds me up. Eubank Snr says his son could beat any of the current world champions, but when Jr gets his self into a mandatory position to fight Daniel Jacobs for the World title, he decides to go down the British Title route. He then gets a chance to fight Golovkin and for whatever reason decides not to go ahead with that fight either.

Fight Prediction
With Groves having already been through some tough fights, I thought the fresher but less experienced Eubank Jr would just edge it.

The Fight
What was expected to be a close fight ended up being an easy nights work for George Groves.
Groves started the fight by using his Jab and taking control of the ring. Eubank Jr would have to get in close to have any success, so he would go rushing in head down and arm stuck out. This tactic just wasn’t working (some times he looked rather amateurish) . The times that Eubank Jr did get in close Groves used his boxing brain to tie him up and nullify his work. Groves stuck to his game plan and built up a commanding lead. In the later rounds Eubank Jr did have a little success, this came more from desperation than from skill, the non ability to change tactics during the fight was Eubank Jr’s down fall which led to him losing on a unanimous points decision.

What happens next
George Groves – Groves stock has risen from this win, he is in good form and proved he can stick to a plan. He now moves on to the Final of the tournament, (injury allowing, Groves did damage his shoulder/arm in the last round, so hopefully he is fit enough to fight in the final). Outside of the tournament if he is still champion then I think it is time to look to unify.

Chris Eubank Jr – The loss for Eubank Jr is not the end of the world, he is better than what he showed on the night. Groves was a step up in opposition for Eubank Jr, and maybe a step to far at this stage, which ever division Eubank Jr  decides to fight in I think he should target somebody in the top 10 before going in for another title fight.  The biggest action that came out of the fight in my opinion is Eubank Jr can’t do it all on his own, he needs a trainer he respects and will take advice from. For me this will be key to Eubank Jr taking them step up to becoming a genuine World Champion.



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